My Honest Review: BIOSSANCE Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser

"My skin felt more balanced, hydrated, and visibly clearer"
Fact-Checker: Priya Singh
This article was last updated on: June 3, 2024
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Finding the right cleanser can often feel like searching for a needle in a skincare haystack. With so many options flooding the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re a skincare aficionado or a novice, the quest for the perfect cleanser is a common journey many of us embark on. My own skin has always craved a balance between effective cleansing and gentle care, especially considering my combination skin type that is prone to occasional breakouts and dry patches.

In this review, we’re diving deep into the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser by BIOSSANCE. We’ll be exploring every facet of this product – from its formulation and ingredients to its performance and any potential side effects. As someone who has often grappled with finding a cleanser that’s both effective and kind to my skin, this product piqued my interest.

I’ve always had a fondness for BIOSSANCE products, having experienced positive results with most of their range. Their commitment to clean, sustainable skincare aligns with my own values, so the anticipation to try this cleanser was high!

Before we delve in, it’s important to note that this is not a paid or sponsored review. All opinions expressed here are my own and are based on my personal experience with the product. Skincare is highly personal, and results can vary from person to person, so while I share my journey with the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser, your experience may differ.

In a Rush? Here's the TL;DR
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Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser
Our Rating:

• Gentle yet effective cleansing formula

• Unique elderberry and prebiotic ingredients

• Suitable for all skin types

• Good value for price

Places to buy:

You can purchase the BIOSSANCE Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser directly from BIOSSANCE’s website as well as other select skincare retailers. This ensures you get the authentic product and can explore their entire skincare range.

About BIOSSANCE’s Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser

The Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser from BIOSSANCE is designed to be a powerhouse in your skincare routine. Its primary goal is to deeply cleanse the skin while preserving its natural balance. Infused with antioxidant-rich elderberry extract, this cleanser promises not only to remove makeup and impurities but also to nourish the skin’s microbiome and protect against environmental pollutants.

BIOSSANCE positions itself in the midrange skincare segment, offering products that are both effective and responsibly priced. The company is known for blending science and sustainability, creating skincare solutions that cater to a variety of needs without compromising on environmental values.

This particular cleanser is designed for facial use, targeting those who need a gentle yet effective cleansing option. It’s suitable for the entire face, including areas with sensitive skin and around the eyes, ensuring a thorough cleansing experience.

Other notable characteristics of the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser are that it is fragrance-free, paraben-free, and vegan. This aligns with the current trend towards cleaner, more transparent skincare formulations. The absence of harsh chemicals makes it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or for those who prefer a more natural approach to their skincare routine.

BIOSSANCE is a brand that prides itself on being cruelty-free… This means no animal testing is involved in developing their products, a crucial factor for many conscious consumers today, and for myself too!

Based on my experience, a 150 ml tube of this cleanser can last quite a while. With regular use, I estimate it could last for about 2 to 3 months, though this could vary depending on how much product you use per application. Remember, with skincare, less is often more, especially with products that contain active ingredients or exfoliants; overuse can lead to irritation or disrupt the skin’s natural balance.

This cleanser is suitable for a broad range of skin types. It’s particularly beneficial for those with uneven skin texture or those looking for a gentle yet effective product. However, it’s important to remember that not every product is suitable for every skin type. For instance, those with extremely oily skin might require a cleanser with different properties.

Patch testing new skincare products is always recommended to ensure compatibility with your skin and to avoid adverse reactions.

For a detailed guide on how to patch-test a skincare product, visit our guide on product patch testing.

About the Key Ingredients

In skincare, the significance of ingredients cannot be overstated. They are the backbone of any product, determining its effectiveness, safety, and overall benefits. The right blend of ingredients can transform your skin, while a misaligned formulation might lead to disappointment or even skin issues.

Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser's INCI list:

Click on any ingredient below to learn about its origins, benefits, functions, suitability etc.

Every product comes with an official INCI list; INCI is an acronym for International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient. This list is essentially a standardized system used internationally to name ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, enhancing safety and transparency in the industry.

Elderberry Extract

The first noteworthy ingredient in the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser is Elderberry Extract. Known for its antioxidant properties, elderberry extract is a powerhouse when it comes to protecting the skin against environmental stressors like pollution and UV damage. These antioxidants play a crucial role in skin health, offering anti-aging benefits and helping to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Elderberry is somewhat unconventional in cleansers, making this product stand out for its unique approach to skin protection.

Prebiotic Complex

Next up is the Prebiotic Complex. Prebiotics in skincare serve as food for the beneficial bacteria on our skin, known as the skin microbiome. This complex helps to maintain a healthy balance of skin flora, which is essential for skin health. It supports the skin’s natural defenses and can improve skin texture and clarity. The inclusion of a prebiotic complex is a relatively modern approach in skincare, reflecting an increasing awareness of the microbiome’s role in skin health.

Sugarcane-Derived Squalane

Lastly, Sugarcane-Derived Squalane is a standout ingredient. Squalane, traditionally derived from shark liver, has now been innovatively sourced from sugarcane for a more sustainable and ethical approach. This ingredient is known for its moisturizing properties and its ability to mimic the skin’s natural oils. It’s incredibly effective at providing hydration without clogging pores, making it suitable for a variety of skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin. The shift to plant-based squalane is a nod to both environmental responsibility and evolving skincare technology.

None of the ingredients in the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser are animal-derived. This makes the product suitable for vegetarians and vegans, aligning with the growing demand for cruelty-free and plant-based skincare options. BIOSSANCE’s commitment to using non-animal-derived ingredients is a testament to their dedication to sustainable and ethical skincare practices.

My Experience With Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser

Holding the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser by BIOSSANCE, it’s immediately clear that much thought has gone into its presentation. The matte, dark-green squeezable tube is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The poppable applicator lid ensures easy and controlled dispensing of the product. The translucent pink gel inside looks inviting and speaks to its gentle nature. It’s a refreshing change from the typical opaque creams and foams that dominate the cleanser market.

Comparing it to other cleansers I’ve tried, its texture is distinct. It feels luxurious, yet there’s a slight tackiness to the gel that I wasn’t expecting. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but it does differ from the silkier textures I’m accustomed to.

I used this cleanser as the first step in my morning and evening skincare routines for four weeks. Prior to starting this trial, I refrained from using any other cleansers for a few days to ensure a clear baseline for evaluating its effects (how very scientific of me!).

Upon application, the completely fragrance-free jelly cleanser glides smoothly across the skin. It doesn’t foam up as much as some other cleansers, which initially made me question its efficacy. However, I quickly realized that its gentle lathering was part of its charm. The cleanser was easy to spread and rinse off, leaving no residue behind. It absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry, which is often a concern with facial cleansers. After rinsing, my skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and visibly clearer.

Immediately after the first few uses, I noticed my skin felt softer and more balanced. There was a noticeable reduction in dry patches, and my skin didn’t feel stripped of its natural oils. With long-term use, the benefits became even more apparent. My skin texture improved, appearing smoother and more radiant. Breakouts were also less frequent, which was a delightful surprise. The cleanser’s gentle nature made it an excellent choice for daily use.

Does Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser Work?

Yes, the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser by BIOSSANCE does work. Having experimented with various cleansers in the past, many of which fell short of expectations, I approached this product with a mix of hope and skepticism. My previous experiences ranged from overly drying formulas to cleansers that simply didn’t feel effective enough.

Thankfully, my experience with this cleanser was overwhelmingly positive. The key benefits I noticed align closely with its ingredient profile. The elderberry extract’s antioxidant properties seemed to play a significant role in protecting and revitalizing my skin. The prebiotic complex likely contributed to maintaining a healthy skin microbiome, leading to improved skin texture and clarity. The sugarcane-derived squalane provided ample hydration without clogging pores, leaving my skin feeling supple and balanced.

I must extend further praise to this cleanser for its gentle yet effective cleansing power. It managed to remove makeup and daily grime without stripping my skin of its natural oils. This balance is often hard to find in a cleanser and is a testament to its well-thought-out formulation.

In terms of how quickly one might expect to see results, it’s important to remember that skincare is a journey, and results vary from person to person. Based on my experience, some immediate benefits, like softer skin and a sense of hydration, were noticeable within the first few uses. More significant changes, like improved skin texture and reduced breakouts, became evident after consistent use over a few weeks.

It’s important to note that the benefits of this cleanser, like most skincare products, are not permanent. Continuous use is necessary to maintain the positive effects. Your skin will gradually return to its baseline state if you stop using the product.

Regarding the minor negatives, the texture of the cleanser was a bit tackier than I prefer, and the lack of foaming took some getting used to. These are minor points and come down to personal preference rather than effectiveness.

In terms of where the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser fits into a skincare routine, it should undoubtedly be used as the first step – the cleansing phase. Using it as intended helps prepare the skin for subsequent products like toners, serums, and moisturizers. If used later in a routine, its cleansing properties would be less effective, and it could potentially remove or dilute the benefits of other products applied beforehand. Regular and correct use is key to reaping the full benefits of this product.

My Final Thoughts – Would I Recommend It?

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of skincare, biotechnology, and cosmetics, I understand the nuances that make or break a skincare product. This expertise shapes my perspective on the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser from BIOSSANCE.

This cleanser stands out as promising in a market brimming with various cleansers, each claiming its spot with unique features. Its blend of elderberry extract, prebiotic complex, and sugarcane-derived squalane distinguishes it in a crowded space.

The results I experienced were impressive. My skin felt more balanced, hydrated, and visibly clearer. Based on my experience and considering its strengths and minor shortcomings, I would rate this product a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend, especially to those seeking a gentle yet effective cleanser with nourishing ingredients.

Speaking of ingredients, this cleanser is packed with beneficial ones. The antioxidants from elderberry extract, the skin-balancing effects of the prebiotic complex, and the hydration from squalane, all contribute to its efficacy.

When it comes to value for money, priced at $29 USD for 150 ml, it’s reasonably priced, especially considering the quality of ingredients and the amount provided. Its availability through BIOSSANCE’s website and select skincare retailers makes it accessible to a broad audience.

Although the Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser won’t be replacing my personal go-to cleanser, this is more about my specific preferences than a reflection on the product’s quality. I believe many readers would find it to be a delightful addition to their skincare routine.

Before you consider using this product, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always patch test new skincare products to ensure compatibility with your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Also, consider your current skincare needs and whether this product’s properties align with them. Remember, skincare is personal, and what works for one may not work for another.

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